Our alumni are not sitting still!

In this blogpost we feature DISI alumni fellow Kristyn Sommer, who obtained her PhD in developmental psychology, and who has grown a substantial following on social media outlet TikTok

During DISI 2022, Kristyn created a series of videos titled “60 Second Scientist”, to make science more accessible and interesting to a wide audience – especially to parents. For this project, Kristyn pressure-cooked interviewed 16 DISI fellows, storytellers and faculty, asking them the simple question:

“What is the one thing you want the world to know about kids?”

Since Kristyn focuses on child development and parenting, the project was particularly aimed at sharing knowledge that could broaden understanding and compassion towards children and parents, or a useful piece of information people could use in their everyday lives.

By presenting science in a short and engaging format, and sharing the videos on TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, Kristyn hopes to spread curiosity and a love of learning to all corners of society. The project also showcases the diversity of faces behind the papers and art, including PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers, established professors and independent established creators. 

And her video’s are widely viewed, liked and shared. Check out this infographic about the project’s impact and engagement: 

If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to check out the 60 Second Scientist series on Kristyn’s TikTok channel.

Stay tuned for more DISI alumni updates!

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