In this blogpost we feature DISI alumni fellow Leanne Proops, Associate Professor in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at the University of Portsmouth. 

Leanne participated during DISI 2022, and given her bright mind and amazing contributions here, we were not surprised to discover her in National Geographic Magazine!  

In the article, titled “What are animals thinking?”, Leanne took the author and readers of the article with her on a stroll through the meadow (you may recall another great researcher doing so). Here, her research participants are about to help her with data collection. Their reddish brown and gray-white manes waving in the wind..

“Wait. Did you say, manes?”

You got that right. Leanne studies horses and other non-human animal minds. If you’re curious on what horses are thinking, then we highly recommend you to read the article on National Geographic.

Here are some snapshots of Leanne’s research. Who know a lab could look like this!

Hungry for more? Then why not have a peek at Leanne’s published research: 

Stay tuned for more alumni updates!

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