As she is publishing along, we’re proud to feature DISI alum Rachel Gross in this alumni update!

Rachel is a science journalist and book author, and participated as a Storyteller during DISI 2022. The timing was perfect, as that year, Briana Toole also joined DISI as faculty. Briana – assistant professor of philosophy at Claremont McKenna College – gave an eye-opening talk about how striving for objectivity leads scientists farther away from true knowledge, instead of closer (read Briana’s publication here). 

This inspired Rachel to write her article on how feminist science can transform science, which was published on Undark. 

What Is Feminist Science? 

So what does feminist science exactly entails? In short, feminist science is a movement that aims to transform the way science is done by challenging and changing the dominant patriarchal culture within the field. This approach addresses issues of representation and inclusion, as well as the ways in which power and bias shape the questions that are asked, the methods that are used, and the knowledge that is produced.

In her publication, Rachel Gross argues that feminist science can lead to more rigorous, inclusive, and socially responsible research. She notes that by incorporating diverse perspectives and experiences into the scientific process, feminist scientists are able to identify and address problems that have been overlooked or dismissed by traditional approaches.

We highly encourage you to read the full article here.

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As said, we’re proud to have Rachel as part of our alumni community, and look forward to seeing the impact her work will continue to have on the world! If you’re like us, then consider following Rachel on Twitter and Instagram.

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