The five portals of cognitive evolution

Welcome back all! So, this episode is a first for us. Two firsts, actually. For one, it features our first-ever repeat guest: Andrew Barron, a neuroscientist at Macquarie University. If you’re a long-time listener, you might remember that Andy was actually the guest on our very first episode, ‘Of bees and brains,’ in February 2020. And, second, […]

Matrescence and the brain

Scientists who study the mind and brain have always been drawn to periods of intense change—to those life stages marked by rapid transformation. Infancy is one of those periods, of course. Adolescence is another. But there’s a less-discussed time of life when our brains and minds have to reconfigure: the window surrounding when we become […]

The octopus and the android

Have you heard of Octopolis? It’s a site off the coast of Australia where octopuses come together. It’s been described as a kind of underwater “settlement” or “city.” Now, smart as octopuses are, they are not really known for being particularly sociable. But it seems that, given the right conditions, they can shift in that […]