What does ChatGPT really know?

By now you’ve probably heard about the new chatbot called ChatGPT. There’s no question it’s something of a marvel. It distills complex information into clear prose; it offers instructions and suggestions; it reasons its way through problems. With the right prompting, it can even mimic famous writers. And it does all this with an air of […]

The thoughtful giant

Welcome back, friends—and a very happy new year! For our first episode of 2023 we’re going big. We’re examining the minds of some of the most massive, majestic megafauna around. My guest today is Dr. Joshua Plotnik. Josh is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Hunter College, and the director of the Comparative Cognition for […]

A hidden world of sound

Consider the peacock. Its plumage is legendary—those shimmering, iridescent colors, and those eerie, enchanting eyespots. But what often goes less appreciated (at least by us humans) is that this chromatic extravaganza is also a sonic extravaganza. The peacock’s display operates in infrasound, an acoustic dimension that we simply can’t hear without assistance. Which raises a […]